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Some of the questions answered in this article:

[0] Death is very unique; it is an event that must happen to each human, it must happen only once, and no human who goes through the experience has the ability to explain what really happens. Once it happens, the human transforms into a dead body. Something happens that changes a living human into a dead body, and that thing is called death. In the end, it will certainly happen to each one of us.

[00] The major arguments made in this article are irrefutable scientifically, because science needs to show counter evidence to refute, and it cannot show a single counter evidence for any of them; you will see what I mean. On the other hand: are they scientifically supported? Only partially, because of certain constraints on specific aspects that we will see. Maybe in time such constraints will be overcome, but I doubt that, and I will explain why. The major arguments are, at the same time, irrefutable religiously; they don’t come against anything of relevance mentioned in any book held sacredly by a certain group of people; e.g. Quran for Muslims, Bible for Christians, Torah for Jews. This doesn’t mean what’s mentioned in these books totally support the major arguments, but the books don’t refute any of them. Keep in mind that any religious doctrine taken from any of these books must be proven with absolute certainty; that is: those who believe in it must be certain that it came from God, and they must be certain that it has one specific meaning; no believer, Muslim, Christian, or Jewish, is allowed to take his doctrine from any text that might be from God, or from any text that might mean this or might mean that: to be acceptable as an evidence of a religious doctrine, it must be certain from both aspects of narration and comprehension. Hence, all major arguments in this article are irrefutable both scientifically and religiously.

[000] This article is written based upon massive readings, reflections, analyses, assessments, comprehensions, experiences, struggles, and incidents that have taken place over the five decades of my life. So, it must be crystal clear that this is an intellectual article, not scientific and not religious; I have written scientific articles and I have written religious articles; this is neither; I will not quote a single religious text; I don’t need to; I will not make any citations; I don’t need to; what really matters in this article is not the dots but the quantum process of connecting a massively unmeasurable number of dots and coming up with decisive conclusions. Maybe in the future, if I decide to expand this article into a book; I can literally, then, mention hundreds of citations; right now that’s totally unnecessary, as any professional proof-editing that could have made it glamorous; totally unnecessary; I am keeping it simple.

[1] We must understand what makes us humans: what every single human is made out of? Three components:

Awareness, sanity and consciousness are not to be confused with righteousness; they simply mean the ability to reason and judge; the set of attributes that makes you accountable: that’s the Spirit.

[2] Each of the three components has specific roles. Being alive doesn’t mean perfection: someone might be living with various parts of his Body missing; someone might be living while he is in a coma; someone might be living while his alzheimer causes him to be totally out; as long as you are living, that means the three components are still binding with each other one way or another, but it does not necessarily mean all three components are perfect and functioning in healthy manner; your Body might have troubles, your Spirit might have troubles, but your Soul will never have troubles because it’s pure vital energy.

[3] Alone, the Body has no sanity and no awareness. Hence, someone might look very well, and a second later he dies: the exact same Body now is nothing but dead weight; sanity and awareness are added attributes to the Body; caused by the nonphysical massless weightless entity called The Spirit.

[4] The existence of the Spirit as an entity is proven by all out-of-body experiences that many people go through. Some of those people can leave their Bodies whenever they want. Others left their bodies during a trauma and came back, and usually it’s those people who talk about near-death experiences; that’s a misunderstanding of what happened to them: there are no near death experiences, as death is death and there is a unique and exclusive way for that to happen, and when it happens it happens: you die and don’t come back; you just cannot get near or far from it. Those people see their Bodies from the outside, and both their Body and their Spirit remains alive. When one of them says “I can leave my Body and look at it from a distance”, he is referring to the Spirit; the Spirit leaves the body and stays alive, and the Body stays alive. How? It’s like when you plug your TV to electricity: electricity powers all the components up, and so does the Soul; it powers up the Body and the Spirit independently.

[5] Alone, the Soul has no sanity and no awareness. It's pure vital energy; the type of energy that only exists in living organisms like humans, and it doesn’t deplete with time; it is a pure nonphysical weightless massless entity that is added to the Body, and if it were to be added to a table, that table would become alive. Becoming alive doesn’t mean becoming sane; it simply means becoming alive; the Spirit is what provides sanity, hence a Body and a Soul are not enough to be a human.

[6] Think about some newborn who has gone through cerebral palsy: some kind of brain damage due to loss of oxygen after birth. The incompetent doctors/nurses noticed he was turning blue so they rushed to save him, but it’s too late; the damage to his brain had happened, and he spent 20 years in bed, acting like a newborn: someone needs to feed him, clean him, change his diaper…etc. For 20 years, his Body grows as the Body of anyone else, but with no sanity at all. Suddenly, after 20 years, he dies. What happened?

[7] What happened is simple: he was born as any other newborn: healthy Body, with Spirit and Soul. Some damage happened to his Body (brain, in this case) that caused his Spirit to malfunction by the remaining Body. On the other hand, the damage to the Body didn’t affect his Soul; the Soul didn’t leave because it didn’t need to, hence he remained alive for 20 years. If the doctors/nurses were a little bit late, the damage to the Body could have made it impossible for the Soul to remain; he would have died right there just after his birth. But the doctors/nurses saved enough Body of him to sustain the Soul, but not to sustain a healthy Spirit. If they were early, they could have saved enough Body to sustain a healthy Spirit as well. So, what happened after 20 years?

[8] He died after 20 years. When does a human die? Exclusively, death happens when the nonphysical weightless massless pure vital energy called the Soul departs the Body; it’s what people call “his time has come”. Nothing else causes death; NOTHING. Someone might go through an accident and keep living in a coma connected to machines in hospital: the only reason why he is still alive is because the Soul has not departed his Body, although the Body has gone through enough damage that caused his Spirit to malfunction; it’s hibernating waiting for the body to recover. If the Body recovers in full, the Spirit becomes normal, like those who wake from coma and live normally after that. If the Body recovers partially, the Spirit might become fully or partially normal, depending on which parts of the Body didn’t recover, like those who wake from coma but have loss of memory or loss of certain cognitive or physical abilities. After all, the Body is the physical entity that both weightless massless nonphysical entities of the Soul and the Spirit need to reside in; the ability of the Soul and the Spirit to reside in the Body is restricted by the ability of the Body to host them; minimal Body requirements exist for the Soul to remain, and minimal Body requirements exist for the Spirit to remain fully healthy. So, that “Suddenly, after 20 years, he dies” happened because after 20 years his Body crossed the threshold of the minimal requirements needed for the Soul to reside in it; the Body could no longer host the Soul for one reason or another, hence the Soul departed, hence he died, although the minimal Body requirements for a healthy Spirit were never met, ever, since the loss of oxygen immediately after his birth. That was my son, and I had 20 years of observing, re-observing, thinking, re-thinking, and deeply reflecting about every single action and every single non-action by him to understand exactly what’s going on.

[9] Alzheimer, for instance, is where the Body crosses the threshold for the Spirit to remain fully healthy, causing certain malfunctions in the Spirit, but with no effect on the Soul. So, there is a major difference between the Soul and the Spirit. The Soul stays in the Body or leaves the Body; that’s it, no middle way. Minimal Body requirements are needed for the Soul to remain, and if they are not maintained it leaves. The Spirit, on the other hand, might malfunction because of a certain damage to the Body. That malfunction might be partial, like loss of memory from time to time, or might be complete like losing all awareness and becoming literally insane or mentally crippled due to an accident, or maybe cerebral palsy. It might also hibernate, like being in a coma. The Spirit doesn’t leave until the Soul leaves, but it can be partially or fully absent. The Soul, on the other hand, is all in or all out; no partial existence for it.

[10] I know someone who can leave his Body every night. He told me how he does it, and I couldn’t do it, despite many attempts. This is because the majority of Spirits are fiercely attached to the Bodies, hence such experiences aren’t very common. He goes to sleep with the intention to leave his Body. He tells me that he feels what he presumes to be his hand going through his skin when he’s leaving. Once he leaves, he looks at his Body on bed while standing next to the bed. When he first leaves, he holds his hand up and doesn’t see it, then something starts appearing after a while, because he wants to see his hand, not because there’s a hand. All colors he sees are shades of gray except red; he sees red as red. He can hear internet wireless waves. I asked him how he can tell, and his answer was simple: the sound increases when he gets near the wifi router he has in home, and it decreases when he goes away. Some nights, he switches the router off before he goes to sleep, and when he leaves his Body he hears no sound. He feels glass different, wood different, and steel different. If there are people in the room, he sees them and hears them, but they don’t even sense his presence, and he has failed up to now to make them feel his presence. So, what’s going on?

[11] What's going on is this: his Spirit leaves his Body into a parallel dimension that is not entirely disconnected from our dimension. The Soul keeps both alive, so his Body is breathing on the bed, but if the Spirit doesn’t return to it, the Body will never wake up. The Spirit, while outside the Body, has different access to our dimension. He could never affect anything in our dimension; like pushing a key off the table or opening a door or a window. But he was able to hear wireless waves. He can get what he presumes to be his hand through a glass window, but it has a damping effect on his hand, so it gets more difficult to penetrate the deeper it gets. He doesn’t see the hand nor feel anything physical; it just becomes harder to push what he presumes to be his hand through the glass window. He can’t get what he presumes to be his hand through wood: it’s like jelly which goes back with his hand. For anything made of steel and brick walls: it’s dead solid and he can’t affect it at all. But it can’t affect him too: when he punches it, he feels what he presumes to be his hand not going anywhere, and feels no pain and hears no sound because of the punch. He hears people and sees people in our dimension if they are in the same room or outside the window and the window is open, but can’t make them feel his presence; they don’t see him and when he shouts they don’t hear him. He used to spend no more than 10 minutes outside his Body because he was scared that he might not be able to come back. Now, he stays for hours if he wants. I specifically asked him if he had seen any living entity like him in that dimension, and his answer was no; at least, not yet. Maybe he did, but couldn’t differentiate them from ordinary humans in our normal dimension. He moves around in the room, but he feels and sees no feet or legs moving; rather just hovering around. I asked him to try to fly in the room, and that’s where it got interesting. He told me that when he tried, he was putting effort trying to fly from one chair to another at the opposite corner of the room, and he immediately saw his Body on the bed sweating and breathing heavily, so he stopped. How does he get back to his Body? He simply lies down on bed (i.e. the Spirit lies down onto the Body), and next morning he wakes up normally, remembering everything he did. Since he hears and sees everything in our dimension, and he can go from one room to another if the doors are open, testing his credibility was easy; he’s legitimate.

[12] Every person with such ability can be tested easily. This proves the irrefutable correctness of the fact that, for us living in our dimension: the Spirit is a nonphysical weightless massless entity of sanity and awareness, and it is independent from the physical Body; it’s an addition to the Body and the Body needs to have the minimal requirements to host it properly, thus it has direct connection to the Body. The Spirit itself has nothing to do with being alive or being dead; I mean: it doesn’t cause life or death. The Spirit grows with the human, and it gets sufficiently mature at the age of puberty; when a little kid becomes an adult; that’s when he becomes fully accountable for his actions and deeds; that’s when it’s unacceptable for him to say he didn’t know theft is wrong or murder is wrong, while that is acceptable from a little child; puberty is not merely about sexuality but is very much connected to the cognitive abilities. As time goes by, humans get more matured and more seasoned; the accumulation of experiences and knowledge in their lives leads to better understanding of almost everything; that’s the Spirit getting more matured and more seasoned with time because it’s gaining more knowledge and more experiences, while the physical Body is usually getting older and weaker. Why?

[13] The Body grows to a peak. During this period of growth, our Bodies are making more cells than the ones dying, hence bones get longer, muscles get thicker, lungs get bigger…etc. At one point, we reach our peak, which might very well vary from one person to another but conventionally in our 30’s: it’s the exact moment when the newly-generated cells in our Bodies are equal to the dying cells; the moment of natural physical equilibrium is reached, and it’s literally the peak. Why? Because peak by definition is the highest point you reach: before it you are ascending to it, and after it you are descending from it. When your Body generates the same amount of cells that are dying, you are at the peak Body condition. Before that, it’s uphill, and you are getting stronger. However, after that, it’s downhill and you are getting weaker: the cells your Body generates become less than the dying ones, hence your muscles start shrinking, your bones start shortening, your back starts aching, your eyes start weakening…etc. You start getting old, and once you start getting old, you only get older and older until your death. So, why do you die?

[14] You die because your Body crosses the threshold of the minimal requirements needed for the Soul to reside in it; it can’t host that pure vital energy anymore, hence the Soul departs and you die.

[15] What happens to your Spirit when you die? It goes into the same dimension it goes to when you sleep; hibernation might be a good word to describe what happens to it; it goes to sleep, waiting to be awakened; you are already witnessing this every day when you sleep. Before you die, your Spirit might play around in a different dimension while you are asleep; that’s called dreaming. After you die, it might be allowed to get out of hibernation, play around a little bit, and then get back to hibernation: have you ever seen a dream where your deceased mother, father, brother, sister, son, or daughter came to you, and it was very vivid and very alive and very realistic and you literally woke up convinced beyond doubt that it was really them? Well, because it was really them; their Spirit was allowed to get out of hibernation and meet your Spirit while you’re asleep; after that they went back to hibernation, and you woke up. I had such a dream, with my sister who died in August 1995; she came to comfort me in a night of extreme distress, in January 2007.

[16] So, how does a nightmare happen? Simple: it’s your Spirit in a different dimension while you’re asleep, and another bad Spirit(s) who managed to be in the same dimension affecting it negatively; attacking it with a knife or suffocating it or raping it…etc. The same with sleep paralysis which is usually accompanied by hallucinations or suffocations; it’s all in a dimension where Spirit(s) act, hence they say “the Body gets paralyzed”; not exactly; the Body doesn’t get paralyzed at all because all the drama is not happening in out ordinary dimension, but in Spirit-exclusive dimension, and the Body cannot act or affect anything in that dimension. Is there a complete solution to sleep paralysis and nightmares? Of course, but that needs another article.

[17] And as happens to us when we sleep: the concept of time collapses for the Spirit in that post-death state. What I mean is this: those who died on earth 10,000 years ago, and those who die today, and those who will die on earth 10,000 years later: they all will claim they only had a nap when they are awakened, as no one feels the time passing by after their death; the concept of time we experience is restricted to our awake ordinary life’s dimension, not to our life; our life as we sleep is still valid life, but the time we experience while sleeping is different; once we die, we won’t feel the passing time we feel now when we are awake. When we are awakened after the period of hibernation, our feeling will be as if we slept just an hour or two since we died. This is valid for every human. So, don’t worry about how you’ll pass 10,000, 20,000, or 100,000 years in your grave after you die, if you’re buried; what earth will experience as 100,000 years will feel like a short nap to you.

[18] What happens to your Body when you die? It’s buried or burned or torn into pieces because of an explosion or eaten by sharks or alligators; various possibilities are there and none matter to you because your Spirit is kept somewhere else and you have no awareness regarding what’s going on with your dead Body. Besides, what happens to your Body doesn’t matter. Why? Because when you are awakened, your Body will be recreated in the same manner you came to this life in the first place. Don’t worry about the exact details: it’s even easier to recreate than to create from scratch.

[19] What happens to your Soul when you die? Here’s the interesting part; it’s a Soul, not your Soul. It’s a nonphysical weightless massless entity of pure vital energy that powers your Body and your Spirit up when you are alive. It’s not unique to you like your Body and your Spirit; your Body is uniquely yours, and your Spirit is uniquely yours, but not your Soul; it’s just pure vital energy that was injected into your Body when you were in your mother’s womb at a certain age, from a certain source, and it goes back to that source when you die. In paragraph [00] I mentioned “certain constraints”; one of the major constraints I mentioned there is the inability to detect, sense, probe, observe, feel, measure, or inspect the Soul itself by any scientific means up to now; if this changes in the future, that would be interesting, but I doubt that humanity will ever be able to do that due to the very essence of this pure vital energy: it’s beyond the dimensions you are aware of and you might become aware of in the future; it’s a class on its own. So, I repeat: the Soul is just pure vital energy that was injected into your Body when you were in your mother’s womb at a certain age, from a certain source, and it goes back to that source when you die.

[20] You might wish to think about that source as a collective vital energy presence; a piece of which is injected into your Body and that piece gets back to that presence when it departs your Body. When you are recreated and awakened, maybe 100,000 years from now: a Soul is injected into your new Body but not necessarily the same Soul, because there is no such thing as the same Soul in literal sense: it’s just a piece of that collective vital energy presence and any piece of that presence will do the job of powering you up. On the other hand, when you are recreated and awakened, your Spirit is awakened out of hibernation and injected into your new Body; your very same Spirit that has all the awareness you had in your previous life: our ordinary life. Your new Body is the same as your old Body, but recreated at a certain age; the best age; the strongest age; the moment of peak: the moment of natural physical equilibrium as defined in paragraph [13], even if you die in this life before reaching it, like many youngmen who die in wars in their 20’s; it isn’t that difficult to get each recreated Body through to their best in their 30’s before injecting a Soul into it, and their very own Spirit. What happens next, after the recreation and awakening, is not our topic here.

[21] So, how come humans can live for 1,000 years? Well, if you read the above calmly and carefully, you would know by now. Paragraph [14] again: You die because your Body crosses the threshold of the minimal requirements needed for the Soul to reside in it; it can’t host that pure vital energy anymore, hence the Soul departs and you die. Hence, you can keep living if and only if your Body doesn’t cross the threshold of the minimal requirements needed for the Soul to reside in it. Simply put: your Body must stay in good health. All your Body, in a quantum sense, must stay healthy, because you can never know where the threshold might be crossed; heart, brain, neck, lever, lungs, kidneys, glands, bones, fluids, stomach, nerves…etc. Someone might get shot with 10 bullets and survive because they all missed everything critical in the body, while someone dies from 1 bullet because it went through the heart and caused its total collapse. Someone falls 10 meters and survives because he lands on his legs and gets away with a broken leg, while someone falls 1 meter and dies because he hits that point in his neck at such an angle with enough force to cause unstoppable internal bleeding. Someone walks in good health to the surgery and dies because of some mistake during the surgery that causes a total drop in blood pressure, and someone brought to surgery almost dead and survives because he’s well taken care of.

[22] The point is: a massively unmeasurable number of factors might cause death; that is: cause the crossing of the threshold of the minimal Body requirements needed for the Soul to reside in it. Many of those factors are enough on their own, and many of them collaborate with other factors to cause a domino effect. In order to live for 1,000 years, you need to avoid all of them; I literally mean ALL OF THEM. This is a very difficult task, but it’s not impossible, as it was achieved before by many humans. Those who did it in the past simply succeeded because it happened to be the norm to them: what they ate, drank, breathed, did, and didn’t: all these things and everything of relevance just allowed their Body to stay above the threshold for centuries, hence the Soul simply didn’t depart. This is impossible for you, as what you eat, drink, breath, do, and don’t are showing the results before your eyes: those who live to 100 are rare in today's world. So, how can you live for 1,000 years?

[23] A device is needed; it will safely, thoroughly and rapidly scan every single cell in your body; each 1 out of the 36 trillion body cells and 38 trillion bacterial cells that make up your body. The device must be totally safe and it must be totally thorough, so think about the resolution it needs to have when compared to cell sizes. It must be very fast: 74 trillion cells will need to be scanned. If there are cells that don’t need to be scanned because they are not vital for the well-being of the Body, that’s a medical decision. If the scanning of each of the red blood cells and platelets, which make 80% of the 36 trillion human cells, is not vital for the well-being of the Body, or the scanning of each of the 38 trillion bacterial cells; that’s a medical decision. Intellectually, I disagree with any medical decision that is meant to provide a shortcut; if you want to live 1,000 years, you must disregard all shortcuts and be thorough. The device must be part of a system that is able to recognize any out of order cell; any unhealthy cell; any malfunctioning cell. The system should be able to fix whatever is not right at cellular level. If you do that, you maintain and assure the quantum equilibrium a healthy Body has at its finest moment; to do that, you need to know what exactly the finest moment looks like for each cell. If there are any other medical details that must be dealt with to maintain that equilibrium, like the heart's electrical system; that must be addressed as well; that’s medicine not intellect, hence I leave it to medicine people. Yet, intellectually, I am certain that if every single cell is at its optimum health, everything else will act just fine. It’s how the universe behaves. It’s an absolute fact.

[24] Although it’s not the purpose, such a system would eradicate diseases as well. So, the system needs to be able to remotely sense any cells that might cause diseases (e.g. outsider germs) and destroy them. Such a system will certainly be composed of multiple parts; from my technical background I can fully imagine a remote sensing part that can do the detection, but another part is needed for the destruction of disease-causing cells. Add to that the two parts of thorough scanning and repairing; we are talking about a 4-part system, blending the finest of the finest hardware and software. It’s not impossible, but very challenging; maybe the current state-of-the-art of human technologies doesn’t allow it; maybe it does and such a system is being developed covertly; it’s certainly not impossible. If we maintain the physical Body as its finest moment, the Soul will never need to leave, and the Spirit will always remain fully healthy. Maybe within 1,000 years some natural disasters or man-caused accidents or wars (i.e. we won’t be humans if we don’t have wars) result in the crossing of the threshold hence the death of many people, but at least not because of an aging Body that can no longer host the Soul.

[25] Nowadays you are witnessing daily usage of certain technologies that were science-fiction just 40 years ago; you can have a real-time video conference with persons living on different continents while you are jogging in the park; easy, right? The same here: I might be talking about a system that might resonate to many readers as science-fiction; it is not. In theory, I am convinced that the part responsible for safe, thorough and rapid scanning of each cell is doable with our current technologies; the part responsible for remote sensing and detection of any foreign disease-causing cells is doable with our current technologies. I honestly am unsure regarding the other two parts: the one that will destroy foreign disease-causing cells and the one that will repair any non-optimum cell and bring it back to its optimum health; I presume these might be very challenging, but not impossible.

[26] What if this system is invented when someone is 80 years old, and he goes through it? Since the quantum equilibrium that his healthy Body had at its finest moment is already gone for him, a 5th part might needed: a part that helps in the generation of new cells, not only destroying foreign disease-causing cells and not only repairing any non-optimum cell and bringing it back to its optimum health. This part is not needed for anyone who hasn’t reached his peak or at his peak, though. Getting complicated? Sure; if you want to live 1,000 years, it will be very complicated and very expensive. Imagine this system exists nowadays: Do you think it will be available to everyone? Do you think any insurance company will be willing to cover its costs? Think about big pharma companies: such a system will drive them all into bankruptcy, unless they are the ones who own it; do you think they will just give up?

[27] Now, imagine that there are people among us, nowadays, who are 1,000 years old: can you imagine how mature, seasoned, and wise they are with such accumulation of knowledge and experiences? With that, they won’t tell anyone their true age; for all practical reasons, they might just avoid people altogether. Why? Because they have seen the show many many times before, and now it’s totally boring to them. They just live their lives in almost total silence and maybe isolation, maybe not, following daily protocols that would sound insane to the majority of humans, and smiling once a week, maybe, when they hear about something humans have achieved or messed up, or something funny humans have done. Highly improbable, but not totally impossible.

[28] Can humans live for 1,000 years without the system described above in today's world? Well, in theory yes; if there is a diet that can do the required tasks of destroying all disease-causing cells and repairing any unhealthy cells, then it’s possible. In such a case, there is no need to remotely sense the germs or to scan every cell in the body. Seems like some people are trying to figure out what such a diet would look like, with a lot of supplements, and some reasonable exercising. Yes, it’s possible, but very challenging. Why? Because to stay alive for 1,000 years, your daily way of life needs to be supportive; your daily protocols; you cannot fake it for such an extended period of time; it needs to be natural to you. Hence, the option of a system that doesn’t care about your daily way of life is the only reasonable alternative. Is it impossible for the system to require certain dietary supplements? Not really; in theory that might be helpful, especially when considering the necessity to make new cells from scratch; I leave this to medicine people.

[Last] As mentioned earlier: this article is written based upon experiences and many other things that have taken place over five decades. One of them took place at 3:00 AM, Saturday, 2018 June 09. It was a face-to-face encounter with Satan (Lucifer, Eblees) himself; a highly unfriendly encounter that I triggered unintentionally because I didn’t know I was there near his home; an eye-opening experience that needs much length to elaborate upon in detail; a very tough experience that adds a lot to whoever survives it. For his bad luck: now I can trigger such encounter intentionally and can infuriate him on purpose, as now I know where he lives, and I know how to deter him; no person needs to quote any religious text to me to prove Satan’s presence; I met him; he exists; humans have the upper hand on him if they know how, hence he needs human servants, hence the so-called Satanism; he certainly has no respect to Satanist humans, though; useful idiots they are, that’s all.

[Epilogue] Read this article calmly, slowly, and repeatedly. It's human nature to disagree; humans sometimes disagree with absolute facts; humans sometimes ridicule absolute facts; humans sometimes hate the unknown or are afraid of it; that’s not my concern; I only care that you use the article to make the best out of it for you; I need nothing from you.

[End] Many questions will be asked once this article is published. It’s true that knowledge is meant to be shared, but nothing is meant to be shared all at once; you need to suffice with this much for now. Many facts about life need time to get unveiled. Once unveiled, they need time to be understood. Let’s leave certain things to time. Goodbye and Good luck.

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